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ToolShed Trade Extension Lead 10m 15 amp Heavy Duty

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ToolShed Trade Heavy Duty Extension Lead 10m 15Amp

With more and more high demand machinery on the market such as compressors, welders, larger power tools etc a good solid power supply is a must. We will often tell people to avoid running any of this equipment through an extension lead because quite often the power the machine requires to operate correctly is greater than what the extension lead can deliver. This can cause all sorts of problems with the performance of the machine and potentially harm the machinery used.

We also understand that in the real world there are just situations were you need to run one of these machines on an extension lead so we have introduced a HEAVY DUTY 15 Amp extension lead manufactured using 2.5mm2 cable (Standard ToolShed extension leads have 1.5mm2 cable) So these leads are designed to carry more power to your machinery and reduce the risk of voltage drop that can damage the machine and make it under perform.

Please note these extension leads are fitted with a 15Amp plug and socket see photo attached.

Imported direct from the manufacture these leads are made to the highest quality and we bring them to you at a very reasonable price.

Heavy duty cable with solid molded plugs plus extra thick insulation all combined makes a very robust versatile extension lead ideal for all construction sites, workshops, farms, caravans and around the home.

The outlet even has a light in it so you can easily see at a glance weather the power is on.

Made using heavy duty 2.5mm2 cable reduces the risk of voltage drop that can happen with smaller cheaper extension cords. Voltage drop is a real problem when it comes to extension leads it means that the power will struggle to get through the smaller leads and this causes the voltage to drop over the length of the lead. Any appliance that you connect at the other end may have a reduced voltage supplied to it that can cause damage to the appliance.

15 amp plug and socket
10m length
Heavy duty insulation
High visibility orange lead
2.5mm2 cable.
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