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ToolShed Trade Dust Mask P2 Dust, Mists and Fumes 3pk

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ToolShed P2 Dust Masks 3 pack

Here at the ToolShed we have done a lot of work to source a professional quality disposable dust mask that complies with AS/NZS standards.

P2 respirator dust masks (FFP2) have a protection factor of APF10, they will protect you against moderate level fine dust and oil/water based mists. These masks are suitable for activities such as plastering and sanding (wood dusts) and will filter at least 94% of airborne particles.

These P2 masks are generally suitable for mechanically or thermally generated particles.
Please note that no P2 Masks will protect against vapors from paint or thinners, acid fumes and gasses such as carbon monoxide from petrol engines etc..

AS/NZS - 1716:2003
Model - MKP2SL
Lic - SMKH25489

Please not there has been a pricing mistake in our catalogue and that this pack of masks is $5.90 inc. GST
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