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ToolShed Tap and Die Set 110pc

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ToolShed 110 piece Metric Tap and Die Set.

WOW! What a set! Two huge trays of taps, dies and accessories! This set has a well proven history of being awesome. It includes 35 metric taper taps, 35 plug taps and dies ranging from M2 x 0.4 to M18 x 1.5 made from carbon steel.
Two x Tap Wrenches, 1 x T Tap Wrench, 1 x Die Wrench: 25mm diameter, 1 x Die Wrench 38mm diameter.
This set comes in a sturdy metal case with two plastic inserts.

Metric taper and plug taps, and dies in the following sizes
M2 x 0.4, M3 X 0.5, M4 X 0.7, M5 X 0.8, M6 X 0.75, M6 X 1, M7 X 0.75, M7 X 1, M8 X 0.75, M8 X 1, M8 X 1.25, M9 X 0.75, M9 X 1, M9 X 1.25, M10 X 0.75, M10 X 1, M10 X 1.25, M10 X 1.5, M11 X 0.75, M11 X 1, M11 X 1.25, M11 X 1.5, M12 X 0.75, M12 X 1, M12 X 1.25, M12 X 1.5, M12 X 1.75, M14 X 1, M14 X 1.25, M14 X 1.5, M14 X 2, M16 X 1, M16 X 1.5, M16 X 2, M18 X 1.5

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Dimensions 330mm x 440mm x 50mm
Gross Weight 8.7kg
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  • 2015 Satisfaction

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