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ToolShed Trade Workshop Sand Blaster

$699.00 ea
Trade Price. Incl GST
Code: TSSB05
ToolShed Trade Work Shop Abrasive Blaster.

Great unit for the larger workshop offering a bigger area to get product in, over and above the smaller model.

It features a work light to help give better vision while you are blasting, safety gloves, a sturdy stand and comes with four different nozzle sizes.

Just open the side door and half fill the bottom funnel with abrasive grit, then connect the air line, simple as that!
Blasting is carried out on a venturi system reusing the grit.

Grit can be used three to five times before it needs replacing. A good indicator of grit nearing its used buy date is the content of dust that is being generated.

It also comes with a port for a dust extractor for better visibility while blasting for long periods of time.

Two year trade warranty

Aro coupling not included.
Door opening size - 515mm x 335mm (av) x 860 deep
Dimensions - 890mm x 580mm x 1385mm
Working pressure - 125psi – maximum
Air consumption - Variable, 5hp compressor (for best results) 3hp for smaller nozzles
Net weight - 48kg
  • 2015 Trade Quality Logo
  • 2015 Trade 3 Year

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