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ToolShed ADA Laser Distance Measurer 40m

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ToolShed ADA COSMO 40 Laser Distance Measurer

The ToolShed ADA COSMO40, 40m laser distance measurer is a professional quality distance measurer that is also simple and easy to use. It performs well even under bright light conditions (including outside) up to 40m. It features an amazing minimal, maximum margin of error of 1.5mm

It also features an ergonomic housing design along with protective rubberized ribbed parts at the top and bottom of the instrument. This helps protect the housing from damage. It is very convenient to hold the instrument in one hand. It also features water and dust-proof membrane keys.

ADA COSMO 40 makes addition and subtraction very fast. Also it automatically calculates area and volume. The model has Pythagorean functions to calculate distances between 2 dots where it is not possible to do direct measurements.

A multi-functional end piece helps to make accurate measurements from internal corners. This amazing measurer features a bright display with constant back light along with a three line display and big symbols to allow you to work even in bad light and read the results at any angle and in any light condition.

This ToolShed measurer comes with a strong woven nylon pouch that will thread onto your belt, it also has a hand strap

ADA COSMO 40 is a reliable, modern laser distance meter with high accuracy. It is an irreplaceable helper for the professional saving time and money.

Working range - 0.05 to 40 m
Accuracy - +/- 1.5 mm
Minimum unit of measurement - 1mm
Laser class - 2
Laser type - 620-690 nm, < 1 mW
Automatic shut-off - 180 sec
Battery - 2 x AAA
Dimensions - 113 x 47 x 25mm
Weight - 105 g
  • 2015 Professional Logo
  • 2015 Trade 3 Year

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