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ToolShed Trade Dumpy Level with Tripod

$499.00 ea
Trade Price. Incl GST
Code: TSDL001
ToolShed Trade Dumpy Level With Tripod

For those looking for a professional quality dumpy level with out having to pay mega bucks then look no further!
This automatic dumpy/builders level self-levels when you align the bubble vial, no need to get it 100% accurate! Then just sight up your target using the quick sight mounted on top of the level, and then adjusts the focus onto the target and use the crosshair to get your level.

This level has a magnification of 32 times and is accurate to +/-1.5mm over 1000m and has magnetic compensation, so it’s up there with the same quality as the most expensive brands.

The level is housed in a shock proof steel frame and has a plastic cover with a panseal structure to prevent dirt and water getting at it. This level is designed for every- day use and comes in a padded hard case

Also included is an aluminum tripod

Magnification - 32×
Standard deviation of 1KM double-run leveling -1.5mm
Objective aperture(mm)- 38
Field angle - 1º20'
Shortest focusing distance - 0.8m
Multiplication factor - 100
Compensator working range - ±15'
Compensator levelling accuracy - ±0.3"
  • 2015 Professional Logo
  • 2015 Trade 3 Year

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