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ToolShed Inverter Generator 3100 watt

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ToolShed 3100W Inverter Generator

The ToolShed has done it again! with our buying power and the ability to deal directly with the factory we can bring you these top quality Inverter generators at a great price. The factory we source these generators from also produce for other well known brands and are made to the highest standards

Inverter generators offer you much smoother and cleaner electricity over conventional generators. They produce a pure sine wave with no spikes, perfect for running sensitive electronic equipment such as computers, testing equipment etc.

Inverter generators are also very small and light weight, about half the size and weight of a conventional generator. The other big advantage of these generators is they are extremely quiet and fuel efficient. Equipped with smart electronics this generator will vary the engine speed depending on the output load so if you have a small load the engine isn't working at full speed wasting extra fuel and creating excessive noise.

This machine has a rated output of 2800 watts (2.8KVA) and a peak output of 3100 watts (3.1KVA) plus if you add a load too high for the machine it will shut down so you can't overload the generator which may cause damage.

The engine is a simple to maintain 4-Stroke petrol engine that is very easy to start and quiet when running.

Also includes is a 12v DC output and comes with a connector lead so you can attach to a 12V battery to charge.

The machine is super easy to maneuver and is packed full of features which makes it ideal for a variety applications.

This model is pull start only we do the TSGI7E that has electric and remote start.

Running output - 2800 watts (2.8KVA)
Peak output - 3100 watts (3.1KVA)
DC output - 12v
Noise - 80Db
Tank Size - 6L
Fuel Consumption - 0.65L/KW.H @ 100% Load
Dimensions - 550w x 400d x 600h
Weight - 40Kg
  • 2015 Professional Logo
  • 2015 Trade 1 Year

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