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ToolShed Trade Generator 2Kva

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ToolShed Trade 2.2 KVA Petrol Generator

These are top quality generators, built to last and start every time. Perfectly suited as a small power supply for building sites, camping and back-up power supply for a house etc...

This generator is fitted with a high quality, efficient, 4 stroke pull start petrol engine that is easy to start and is quite while running. The engine is fitted with overhead valves for reliability and is air cooled it also has a low oil cut out this is a great feature as it will automatically turn the engine off if it detects low oil.

The generator unit is wound with heavy duty copper wire for long running life and is AVR (automatic voltage regulator) controlled. This means the unit adjusts the voltage up and down depending on the load the generator is put under to keep a smooth constant power supply. Great for running equipment such as microwaves etc… that don’t like voltage fluctuations. (not suitable for sensitive electronic equipment such as computers etc...)

The generator has an output power supply of 2Kw (8.7 Amps) and peak output supply of 2.2Kw (9.6 Amps)

All of this is housed in a robust frame for protection and fitted with a large 15 litre fuel tank that will provide about 13 hours of continuous running under full load.

Fitted with two power outlets with a protective flap to stop debris getting into the plug when the generator is not in operation and is also protected by a circuit breaker so the machine cannot be overloaded. On the front panel there is a volt meter so you can easily see what voltage is being put out.

Simple guide for calculating what size generator you require.
First you need to add together the wattage value of all the appliances you want to run at the same time.
For instance if you want to run 3 x 500 watt flood lights that equals 1500 watts, that divided by 1000 converts to kilowatts so that’s 1.5Kw. I always like to add a buffer so say a 2KW generator will be suitable.

The above is suitable for loads such as lighting, heating microwaves etc…

Loads such as electric motors have what is called an in rush current, this is a large amount of power going into the machine to start the machine then once it is going it uses less power. This needs to be factored into the equation so a rule of thumb is roughly 1.5 times the running wattage (this is more for larger induction motors such as compressors) so a generator 3000 watts (3KVA) or larger is required.

Your Local ToolShed can arrange all parts and service

For more information please contact your local ToolShed.

Output - 2Kva
Db - 68
Weight - 40kg (dry)
Dimensions - 600 x 440 x 470mm
  • 2015 Professional Logo
  • 2015 Trade 1 Year

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