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ToolShed Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

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ToolShed Electric Chainsaw Sharpener.


If you own any kind of chainsaw this is a must have in your workshop, this machine takes all the hard work and guess work out of sharpening your chain saws.

Suitable for use with most pitches of chainsaws from 1/4 inch (.325) and 3/8 inch (.404) plus with the adjustable angle measurement up to 35 degrees left and right makes setup a breeze.

The sharpener has 2 knobs along the chain holder bar that feed the chain left and right so there is no need to touch the chain which may cause injury.

A brake lock handle is located on the main handle once this is pulled it locks the chain in place so it wont move while sharpening.

With the unique design the sharpener bolts onto the end of your work bench so the chain being sharpened dangles below out of the way so it doesn't get caught on anything while you are sharpening.

Once this machine is setup you can literally sharpen a standard chain saw in only a few minutes.

Voltage. 230v
Power. 85 watts
Speed. 4800 RPM
Arbour. 23mm
Blade. 108mm x 3.2mm
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  • 2015 Trade 3 Year

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