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Vonnias Nouvelle Ltd

Vonnias was originally started on the 16th of May 1986 by Yvonne and her husband Daniel “Nia” as they saw the need for good quality children’s wear, over the years they have developed into the business that it is today with a total of 4 stores, 3 of which are on Rarotonga and one on the island of Aitutaki. They provide all sorts of product lines such as clothing, home wares, kitchen wares, household appliances etc. In 2011 Vonnias took on the agency for ToolShed branded tools and are expanding rapidly in the hand tool, power tool and machinery market.

Please note that not all ToolShed prodcts are stocked by our Pacific partners and the prices differ from the New Zealand dollar price featured on this website

Phone (682) 20928 | 20927
Fax (682) 27927