ToolShed Heated Jacket Womens + Battery


ToolShed Womens Heated Jacket.

Keep out the winter chills!

Here at the ToolShed we know a lot of our customers would love to have a heated jacket but can't really justify the cost of purchasing the jacket let alone the cost of extra batteries, charger etc.

The ToolShed has developed its own heated jacket which comes complete with a battery and charger all at a fantastic price.

Made from a heavy duty wind and shower resistant material and fully lined, this jacket is very comfortable to wear in many different situations such as on the work site, kid's sports games (especially early in the morning!), rugby matches in the evening, snow skiing - the list goes on.

The slim line rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack is located in it's own zipped pocket inside the front of the jacket. It is hardly recognizable and can be easily disconnected and removed for charging.

To activate the heating elements simply hold the button down on the top left for 3 seconds and the jacket will glow a bright red. This indicates it is on high heat mode. Once warm, you can push the button once for a white light (medium) and again for a blue light (low). Hold it for 3 seconds and it will turn off.

The jacket will operate for around 3 hours on high, 7 hours on medium and 12 hours on low. The Li-Ion battery also comes with a USB port so you can charge your phone on the go! Full battery recharge time is 5 hours.

Being a Li-Ion battery they can be put on the charger at any time as there is no memory effect.

These amazing fully-lined jackets and are fitted with 3 heating elements located on the upper back and the left and right abdomen.
They have two pockets on the sides and a zipped pocket upper left ideal for a pad/pen or smart phone etc.

The jacket is machine washable, please make sure you remove the battery before washing and air dry only.

For sizing guide please see chart attached.

NB: These batteries are not suitable in checked in baggage on flights but can be taken as carry-on.

Code Product Name Price Quantity
ToolShed Heated Jacket Womens Size 10 with Battery
Sale Ends 30/09/19
ToolShed Heated Jacket Womens Size 12 with Battery
Sale Ends 30/09/19
ToolShed Heated Jacket Womens Size 14 with Battery
Sale Ends 30/09/19
ToolShed Heated Jacket Womens Size 16 with Battery
Sale Ends 30/09/19
ToolShed Heated Jacket Womens Size 18 with Battery
Sale Ends 30/09/19
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