ToolShed 12/24v Battery and Boost Charger

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ToolShed 12/24v Battery and Boost Charger

The ToolShed range of smart battery chargers are the next evolution of battery charge technology. The old style of charging batteries was just pumping them full of current but with a lot of today's modern batteries that can do more harm than good.

This smart charger can safely charge 12 and 24 volt lead acid batteries including Wet (flooded), Gel, MF (maintenance free), CA (Calcium), EFB (enhanced flooded battery), and AGM (Absorption glass mat) found in many modern vehicles from 4-400 Amp hours.

The charger is also fitted with an alternator check, when the charger is connected to a vehicle that is running it will display an estimated output percentage of the performance of the vehicle alternator.

Fitted with 2 large heavy duty battery clamps with 1.6m cable length.

The output mode can be selected depending on the capacity of battery you are charging from 5-amp, 10-amp, 20-amp and 30-amp and engine start up to 150Amps for a short period to jump start a flat battery.

The internal microprocessor offers a 10-step charging process that monitors the battery throughout the charge cycle to keep it at its peak performance and help extend the life of the battery.

The 10 stages of charging include:

Stage 1 - Analysing 1 - Checks that the battery has been connected to the charger correctly and monitors the battery voltage.
Stage 2 - De-sulphation - Low voltage high current repair to break down any lead sulphate crystals that may have formed in the battery.
Stage 3 - Soft start - Checks to see if the battery can accept a low charge then charging begins.
Stage 4 - Controlled current charge - Adjusts the charging current automatically for best results
Stage 5 - Analysing 2 - Checks if the battery can absorb charge
Stage 6 - Constant output charge - Charges with constant voltage and compensates fake full charge caused by high current charging
Stage 7 - Recovery cycle charge - Absorbs more charge and compensates side effect of reduced charging current.
Stage 8 - Absorption - Charges with constant trickle current for maximum battery voltage.
Stage 9 -Analysing 3 - Checks that the battery can hold charge.
Stage 10 - Maintenance - Continuously checks the battery and charges with trickle current if the voltage drops.

Fitted with a handle and wheels for easy manoeuvrability and cord storage at the rear.

So, as you can see a great charger to have around to home if need be but also suitable for garages, workshops, farms etc.

Output current
Charge - 12/24volt - 5A, 10A, 20A, 30A
Boost - 12/24volt - 150A (5seconds on 240 seconds off)
Battery type - Standard, AGM and GEL
Change cable length - 1.7m
Input cable length - 1.6m
Dimensions - 290mm wide x 270mm deep x 870mm high (including handle)
Weight - 15kgs

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