• Sutton Holesaw Pilot Drill HSS 10mm

Sutton Holesaw Pilot Drill HSS 10mm

$31.19 Inc GST


Sutton Holesaw Pilot Drill HSS 10mm

Designed to use with the Sutton range of Multi-Purpose TCT Holesaws 38mm- 152mm. These HSS pilot drills are designed for the Quick Release chucks on the holesaws.

HSS Pilot Drills are suitable for Metal, Wood and Plastic materials.

The Sutton Tools Multi-purpose TCT holesaws are suitable for construction, installation & DIY use, the Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) teeth provide outstanding cutting performance and durability with minimal heat build-up.
Suited to cut timber, wood & nails, hardwood, softwood, MDF, plaster board, compressed fibre cement sheet, cement sheet, plastics, ceramic tiles and abrasive materials.
The quick-release adaptor and extra-long pilot drill system allow cutting on extreme angles and 2-up cutting for enlarging existing holes.
The only holesaw with 1 second core ejection, making the multi-purpose holesaw fast and efficient to use.

Holesaw Applications
Wood, Chipboard, Hard Wood, MDF, Pallet, Plywood, Sandwich Construction, Soft Wood, Window Frame, Wood & Nails, Plasterboard, Specialty, Acrylic, Carbon Fibre, Fibreglass, Laminate, PVC Plastic, Masonry, Brick, Cement Sheet, Ceramic Tile, Compressed Fibre Cement, Hebel

-Tungsten Carbide Tipped, cuts 5 times faster than conventional Bi-Metal holesaws in timber
-Quick release adaptor to quickly change holesaw sizes
-1 second core ejection - the most efficient holesaw available
-2-up cutting to enlarge existing holes
-Tungsten Carbide cutting edges for high wear resistance
-Extra-long pilot drill allows cutting on extreme angles

Diameter - 10mm
Working Length - 65mm

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