ToolShed Vacuum Cleaner Cyclone 1200w

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ToolShed Pro Vacuum Cleaner 1200W

With dust extraction becoming more of a hazard on work sites etc the need for a good quality vacuum cleaner that can do the job is a must. We are proud to introduce this vacuum cleaner to our range because of the amazing quality and features it offers for an extremely good price as we buy in bulk direct from the factory.

The 1200 watt high power motor is extremely quiet but very efficient offering a massive 20KPA of suction power and moving up to 2 cubic meters of air per minute (that's an impressive 33.3L per second of air)

Couple this with the 4 stage filtration system that is ideal for removing fine dust such as Plasterboard dust or cement dust plus all other fine saw dusts etc.

-The first stage is a large material foam filter this removes a lot of the bulk material and dumps it into the large 35L stainless steel drum.

-Second stage goes through 9 miniature cyclone filters that circulate the air at high speed separating more fine particles out of the air.

-The third and fourth stage go through a fine and super fine filter system removing the remainder of any fine dust present.

All filters are able to be cleaned with compressed air and washed with fresh water and dried to be re used.

Couple this with the auto on/off function which when a tool is plugged into the front of the machine such as a miter saw whenever you turn the miter saw on the vacuum will start and stop with the miter saw so the vacuum isn't operating all the time. or you can just operate the vacuum with a simple on/off switch when required.

This machine can also be used for wet purposes as well great for cleaning up floods or un blocking drains etc, the machine is fitted with a high level water cut out so once the water reaches a certain height it will cut out so it doesn't go through the motor.

Comes complete with a 2m flexible hose, 2 x tubes, 1 x wet floor sweeper, 1 x brush tool, 1 x upholstery tool and 1 x crevice tool.

Power: 230 v 50Hz
Wattage: 1200 watts
Max outlet power: 1200W
Drum capacity: 35 liters
Suction force: 20KPA
Air flow: 33.3 liters per second.

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