• ToolShed Mitre Saw Slide 255mm

ToolShed Mitre Saw Slide 255mm

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ToolShed Trade 255mm Draw Out Mitre Saw.

After such a huge success with the ToolShed 310mm Mitre Saw we have had requests from some of our customers for something slightly smaller, but with good size cutting capacities!

After a lot of searching for something we would be proud to put our name on , Wayne and I finally found what we were looking for in one of the factories, this factory manufactures a range of other great product for us.

Over the years the quality of product has improved immensely along with the design which incorporates a lot more great features, along with greatly increasing cutting capabilities.

Amongst a whole host of things, one important thing we were looking for was a complete cast alloy base and housing that will lock up tight with no movement to give you a precise accurate cut. This factory was able to give us just that as it had a huge casting division that also made bases for other mitre saw manufacturers.

This saw has heaps of amazing features check these out!

Amazing cutting capacity at 90 degrees 340mm x 78mm!

Mitre cuts both left and right from 0 to 45 degrees with pre-set stops at 0 – 15 – 22.5 – 30 and 45 degrees. Also the ability to be able to lock it in the required position. Cuts up to 78mm x 240mm at 45 degrees.

Bevel cuts both left and right 0- 45 degrees. Cuts up to 42mm x 240mm at 45 degrees left or right, or bevel/ mitre cuts 42mm x 305m at 90 degrees.

LED light to light up the area you are cutting , along with a Laser light to mark the position the saw blade is going to cut.

Safety guard to keep the blade covered to avoid accidents, along with a safety switch which can be operated from the left or right .

Adjustable extendable bench with stops for repetitive cutting, and an adjustable clamp to hold your work piece steady while cutting.

Adjustable trenching setting, and lockable sliding bars for repetitive cutting avoiding the saw drawing out while cutting.

Sturdy cast alloy base, with a lock down head and convenient carry handles for transporting.

Dust bag or provision for dust extraction.

Fitted with a powerful 1800w motor and a 60t tungsten tipped saw blade.

Great machine for the one or two man band or the Serious DIY.

Cutting Capacity
0/0 - 340mm x 78mm
0/45 - 240mm x 42mm
45/45 - 305mm x 42mm
Motor size - 1800 Watt
Weight - 14Kg
Blade size - 255mm x 30mm bore

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