ToolShed DC Pulse TIG/ARC Welder 200 Amp

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ToolShed DC Inverter Pulsed TIG Welder 200 Amp

Made in the same factory as some well known famous brand names.

The ToolShed 200 Amp DC TIG welder is an industrial quality single phase inverter TIG welder perfectly suited for the mechanical, engineering or farm workshop.

The 200 Amp DC TIG welder is one of the finest in its class. The built in electronics create a lovely smooth weld and it is very easy to strike and maintain the arc. Packed full of features which make it suitable for the stainless steel TIG welding industry.

The high frequency start TIG welder features pulse control. This lets you set the machine up to automatically change between two selected current ranges while welding. In this process you can also adjust the pulse width and the pulse frequency, allowing you to control how long the welder will pulse at the higher current level and how often it will pulse: between 0.5 and 200 times a second. Pulse is especially useful when joining materials of different thickness together. You need the extra heat to penetrate the thicker piece and less heat to avoid blowing a hole in the smaller piece.

The machine features up slope and down slope. This adjusts how long the machine takes to get up to the selected welding current and how long it takes to turn off the welding current once the weld is finished. Both of these settings are adjustable. Up slope and down slope settings are used to start and finish off a weld nicely instead of just turning the current off. You can set the slope to slowly go down to zero and this tapers the weld off nicely.

The welder has adjustable post flow gas control you can adjust from 0-60 seconds. Post flow controls how long the gas will flow after the weld has finished. This is a must have when welding at a higher current. Once the machine has turned off you still need gas around the weld pool until it solidifies otherwise you will get porosity in the weld.

The digital current display and the 2 touch/4 touch trigger controls offer those extra features which makes this welder a dream to weld with. With the flick of a switch you also have a 200A DC inverter arc welder.

Arc welding is suitable for thicker material where good heat and penetration is required. With the array of electrodes available today arc welding is suitable for mild steel, stainless steel and even cast iron.

This machine offers the user a step less current range from 5-200 Amps in the TIG mode and 20-200 Amps in arc mode.

The rated duty cycle is 20% at 200 Amps and is fan cooled with an over temperature cut out to protect the machine.

This welder comes complete with heavy duty earth lead using dinse (a quick change bayonet style) connectors to attach to the front of the machine, plus a heavy duty 4m TIG torch, this also means longer leads can be added easily in the future if required. The whole machine is nice and small and lightweight with a carry handle for convenience.

The only reason we can bring you such a fantastic machine at such a good price is because we source the machine direct from the factory, import it and put it on the shelf. No middle man, no brand royalty, you get a quality machine without the cost.

Below is a simple guide for what this machine can be expected to weld in mild steel.

Welding current range Tungsten Diameter Material Thickness
60 to 90A - 1.6mm up to 1.5mm
90 to 120A - 1.6mm 1.5-2.5mm
120 to 150A - 2.4mm 2.5-3.5
150 to 200A - 3.2mm 3.5-5mm

Welding current range Electrode Diameter Material Thickness
60 to 90A - 2.5mm up to 5mm
90 to 160A - 3.2mm up to 8mm

Voltage - 230v
Frequency - 50/60Hz
Current Range 10- 200Amp
Duty cycle - 115A @ 60%
Net Weight- 15Kg

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